Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunflower Project

Here's a great project for your next sunflower event. Yes, it's a bit early but maybe you need to make a lot, in which case you'll want to start now!
I would tell you how to make them but someone's already done that for us so I'll direct you to her tutorial at
Hers were peony flowers but I know my sister is interested in sunflowers for her local sunflower event. Instead of different sized circles and 4 and 8 petals, just make 5 same size circles each having 8 petals. Mine are also different in that I needle felted the centers. Does it seem like I needle felt everything? You need a thin needle for this and don't use your favorite, I did bend one.
I used brown wool on both except the underneath of the yellow I used green. The wool on the underneath locks them together.
Now they are ready for a pin back, magnet or whatever!

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