Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mommy Slingshots

On Saturday I showed you the project Gilbert left me before he went back to the farm. I wonder what he'll think of these babies!!! I'm shipping a package up to him today and I'm including the big one.
I used Patina paints, base coat and 2 sponge on colors. It's really the bands I pleased about though!
Up til now Gil has always put the bands on... not this time. He had showed me the technique for wrapping bands around the slingshot using a crochet hook but I was more concerned about the knots on either side of the leather pouch. He had showed me a knot but I couldn't remember what it was. I must have spent a good hour looking up best, strong, tight, non loosening any term I could think of for knots with no luck. Finally I found one I thought I could use, it's called the Double Fisherman's Knot. On top of that I used a Surgeons Knot. I don't think those knots are going anywhere!!!

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  1. Very nice sling shots, look like they would make formidable weapons.