Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teddy Bear Dress: The Back

We're basically doing the same as the front but now there's 2 pieces. Remember I ironed down the top of the liner straps 1/4". I sewed around the neck and the arm holes but left the tops of the straps open.

The above step is complete.

The pieces get turned and ironed. Here is the back and front turned.

This is again where I do my own thing. Instead of using these tabs to sew Velco to I'm turned them in and sewed them down. Avoid ironing the bottom half for now.
Ironed down.

I've sewed the 2 backs together in the middle from the bottom til 1/4" into the tabbed area.

Then I pressed it out at the bottom.

With front sides together I sewed the tops of the straps, front and back right where the linings are folded down. Try to match them up.

Now you can see that the rough edges tuck right in in the back openings.

With both sides connected to each other at the straps I sewed all around the neck including the back opening.

And gave a another good press.

Tomorrow the exciting conclusion!

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