Friday, February 4, 2011

The Back Is Done

Once I got into the rhythm this was enjoyable. The front is knitted as one piece, maybe like knitting a scarf?

This armhole decreasing part was a 4 row pattern, so after a while I was able to just sit and knit.

Here's a little jewelry gadget I just ordered for myself. It's called a 2 hole metal punch. Remember all that copper that my dad sent me, well now I won't need to dream about drill presses. This little doohickey should punch my holes for me.


  1. Love the colors in the sweater! I'm going to get my knitting out tonight!
    What are you going to punch holes in?

  2. Did you get your hole punch yet? How's it work?

  3. It's on it's way. My dad sent me some sheet copper that I've worked with for jewelry before. The hand punch will hopefully make the holes I need in the pieces I hope to make. Stay tuned!!!