Monday, February 7, 2011

Scrabble Charms

 For a long time I've admired Scrabble charms by artists on Etsy.

 It looked hard to do, I figured resin and such.

But there are great glazes that do the same thing. They coat and leave a glass like finish.

One's called Diamond Glaze, but Michael's carries Paper Glaze by Aleene's. I just finished glazing so I'll let you know how they look tomorrow. Really, the hardest part is finding small enough pictures. You can't use an ink jet printer because the ink will bleed. I cut up cards and magazines. This will be fine because I'm giving them as gifts.

I'm also waiting on some bails that will glue to the back in order to make them into charms. My friend was talking about drilling and such. I would have to experiment with the drilling thing. Since the Scrabble piece is soft wood maybe I could just screw in an eye screw. I think I have a couple laying around.

The reason I decided to make my own was the letters themselves. If you buy a Scrabble charm they give you whatever letter was used at the time. I can choose my letters to make words or initials!!!

There are some good tutorials so check them out.

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  1. i've always been interested in those also!
    Yours look great!
    Thanks for the info