Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Suggestions From The Family

 Have you noticed that my son and my sister keep me busy in projects.

This is the latest suggestion by my sister. A somewhat challenging vest. I've already had to turn the hem at a ridge row and join with the cast on edge. I've sorta done this in the past on knitted sock toes. 70 stitches though, take a little longer.

The pattern is in the winter/spring 2011 Knitscene Magazine as shown above. My sister graciously sent it to me with a bunch of page tabs already inserted. This publication isn't for the sissy knitter! I'll tell you what though, if Amy's vest turns out alright I'm knitting one for myself. Hey Amy, do you approve of the colors?


  1. Absolutely.... looks great!!

  2. I haven't bought any new knitting mags! It looks great!