Monday, April 19, 2010

She Looks Happy

Using the pattern I found and making modifications to it I finished this sweater. Sizing in knitted pieces can be frustrating. You almost have to make an entire piece before you can go back and fix your mistakes. Thank goodness this bear is small, we're not talking an adult sized sweater!

Let's start again, we can make it a simple box shape instead of insetting the sleeves. We'll start with the back today.

Even Simpler Bear Sweater

worsted weight yarn
gauge 18 sts = 4"
fits 12"- 14" bear

CO (21) 27 stitches- (a skinny bear like mine) above size
Row 1: K1, P1 rep
Row 2: P1, K1 rep
Row 3: K1, P1 rep
Row 4: P across (WS)
Row 5: K across (RS)
Measure your bear from the neck to just above the leg. Mine is 4 1/2".
Rep rows 4 & 5 until the back is your bears length.
Next and last row: BO (4) 6 sts, K/P (13) 15 sts and place on holder, BO (4) 6 sts

Easy so far!

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