Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to Business

No, I didn't change the color of the sweater I've just knitted up a demonstration for you. I'm about to sew the shoulder seams of the teddy bear sweater. I like to do this now because I can lay the sweater over the bear and more accurately measure for the sleeves. Now for that revelation I alluded to in the last sweater post. You remember the good old ladder stitch we used when sewing the bear seams, well that's what we're going to use here. I've always hated how two bound off edges sewed up. They never seemed right to me. I discovered that by using our trusty ladder stitch, this seam, like the bear seams, would become invisible. Happy Day!

Instead of putting the fronts of your pieces together, lay them side by side just like those teddy bear seams.

You'll notice that it's easy to make uniform stitches by picking up your knit stitches right under the cast offs.

Were you come up on one side go directly over and into the other.

Make several ladder stitches...

and pull,

a few more,


Sew to the end and pull, beautiful.

Let me quickly demonstrate what you don't want to do. I'm using an easy overhand stitch.

I'm sewing under the bound off stitches.

The back,

the front, yuck.

This stitch will be fine for the side seams so don't count it out. We're just talking about those seams that were bound off.

Here's the sweater waiting on sleeves. Unless something comes up we'll do them tomorrow.

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