Friday, April 23, 2010


Well let's make some sleeves. Again we're going to knit these 2 pieces at the same time so we end up with identical sleeves. I'm using a cast on of 19 stitches for both sizes but realize if your bear is tubbier or has thicker arms you'll need to adjust bigger anyway.


CO 19
Work in rib for 3 rows
Next row P
Next row K
Next row P
Next row K including 1 stitch at the beginning and end of row
Repeat the last 4 rows twice
Continue in straight stitch until the sleeves are long enough for your bear

I can easily see if the sleeve will be long enough.

And when they are just bind off all stitches.

I'll get the sleeves sewed on over the weekend using the ladder stitch and sew up the sides with an overhand stitch. Next week I'll show you the neck and front button band.

Hey, you shouldn't miss the new Avatar movie, it just came out on DVD. My kids loved it. It was such a decent film with a good message. Prepare to be swept away into another world.

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