Monday, March 25, 2013

Starting the Bear Armature

I will not explain Lockline armature, I learned all about it from Joanne Livingston and you can too:

I will show you what Joanne showed me... how to use Lockline in your bear. These are her tried and true techniques. I noticed that I'm actually wiring this opposite to the way Joanne does it so you should look at her post below also if you are having trouble following.
This is my 2" arm disk and #6 nuts&screws. I measured a tad long on my Lockline but can pop pieces off later.

The Lockline in the arms sits at the edge of the disk so that this joint lays flat.
I'll show you how they get taped up with electrical tape after Joanne gives approval.
These are my 2 1/2" disks and #8 nuts&screws. The leg gets wired the same except the Lockline sits on the disk for higher movement in the leg.
2 arms and 2 legs waiting for tape.
Here's my question of the day, the leg on the right I've positioned to the front with the Lockline curving with the leg and back into the foot. The leg on the left goes straight down with a curve into the foot. I'm thinking the Lockline does what it wants inside the leg so should just come straight down but I wasn't sure. I know the Lockline maybe long, I'll fix it when I wrap and test postion.

Looking at the post Lockline Again below kinda answers the above question towards the end of the post.

In the post below Joanne explains her process:

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