Sunday, July 15, 2012

Christmas in July

I made one of these last year for myself.
 I keep it up all year and hang different things on it.
 In fact my mom made me some felt ornaments for it I should show you sometime.
I made this second one for Outdoor Craft Store . The only craft fair I enjoy doing and it's in September.
I dare not mention what this item is besides an artificial pine tree. To me it's a reminder of those days when good people wrote things worth remembering for children.


  1. Hi Karen! Wanted to stop by since you visited my very first blog post. I had actually found your blog late last week, from a Pinterest Pin. I love your "Charlie Brown" tree. I have a CD of the soundtrack from the television show, and I play it to death from November through Christmas.

    1. Hi Mary Anne so glad you did. What would Christmas be without Charle Brown and the sound track is great background music all during the holidays! By the way I thing Pinterest is one of the better internet inventions!!!

  2. This made me smile!!
    I could use a couple of gusts of cooler air!