Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cat Portrait

I'm always poking around Etsy and meeting new people. Remember I'm an admitted Trade-A-Holic. Well Collette noticed that my shop info said I was "trade friendly" and she took me up on the offer. Collette Marie is an Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Web Developer who makes... hard for me to explain but here goes, dream images including people, animals and animal monsters. You can also find her on Facebook

I like things to hang on my walls and she was more than willing to illustrate one of my kitties! This is William, he needs a frame and then he's going up.

Almost forgot a picture of William.


  1. And you draw too!! LOL
    Cute kitty, I used to have a tabby that looked like that!

    1. Vicki, I always appreciate all the confidence you have in me but I can't take the credit for this one.