Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pay It Forward

I'm a Trade-A-Holic, as we speak I'm wheeling and dealing with my fellow Trade-A-Holics. I would normally be at church now but it's too icy. The reason I'm sharing this is that sometimes I ask non TAH's to trade with me on Etsy, sometimes they will sometimes they won't.
The last time I tried this the shop owner told me she'd be open to trading but didn't need anything. She had already collected many things that she was now trying to find homes for, thus her shop. She got back to me later and insisted that I simply give her my address and allow her to give it to me. I was floored, there was no need for her to do that, I could make almost anything for her! No she said, I should just let her give it to me, someone had done the same for her once. Thank you my friend.

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  1. Wow, that was really nice. I think this is really beautiful.