Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Are We At On The Skateboard Mold?

We have a working proto type, YIPEE!
It has been lightly tested in the basement. (due to ice outside)
It even looks like a real skateboard.
I'll take you backwards through the process.
This is the board cut out and spray painted on the back.
I sure hope he didn't over spray on my porch!
He actually made 2 proto types, this is the first that he's cutting out now. This one turned out better than the second. (too much fixing we believe)
They've had problems with the mold. The top and bottom need to fit perfectly together or you'll get gaps and puckers in the board.
This is a glue up, normally it's 7 layers of veneer.
They put freezer paper on the mold first so the veneer doesn't stick.

They acquired thin packing plywood for their proto type. Because of it's thickness they only needed 5 layers.
And here's where we've all labored, especially my husband. He has a constant headache now from the Bondo wood filler. I told you the pieces have to fit, well if you try to fix one side you can ruin another. This is the part of the project that has taken the most time. We're hoping that we have gotten it right now. We just need to get more glue and veneer. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! This is really where I see $$, handmade custom skateboards. Way to go!

  2. He's got some testing ahead of him but his hope is to sell them in local shops.