Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bouncable Polar Bear

 I did an oopsie on Wednesday when I was volunteering with the second graders. They all caught me, some said look she broke it, others said it was an accident, I ignored them because when you're helping with the second grade you can't stop to evaluate! I finished for the day, told the teacher I'd rectify the problem and went home to figure out how to do that.
She had a resin snowman sitting on a shelf that I dropped. A decoration for the winter that needed replacing. I remembered the arctic animals we make every year and knew what to do. 
I think I'll knit him a scarf. Nothing here that's breakable!
The kids will be able to use him as a guide when making their bread dough animals.
 He started with fiber fill that I wrapped with thread in order to save on wool and then covered it.
He looked like a pig for a long time.
Of course he has paddy paws!