Monday, January 16, 2012

Cookie Cutter Felting

Rosalie gave me this cookie cutter she had laying around from a wedding favor. It reminded me of those plastic needle felting molds I've seen, so I tried it out.
I filled the mold over my foam and started to felt. I got out my double needle to felt faster...not a good idea, one needle bent. If you bend a felting needle it's as good as broke!
Make sure when putting fiber in your mold that you place long bits from the petals into the center so it felts as one piece. The above flower is felted but not finished.
On the foam the fibers at the bottom felt lightly into the foam making it fuzzy when you pick it up. Get a towel out now...
and felt on that. You can't go through the towel which forms a smooth top and bottom. A little work along the sides may be required but think of the possibilities! You probably have a whole drawer of cookie cutters.
This is a daisy type flower so it gets a nice dark center...
with a little orange highlight.
I sewed a pin to the back and hid my stitches with more fiber. Have fun!

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  1. Wow! You are ingenious, I love this. I did not know about the towel either. Thanks Karen.