Monday, April 25, 2011

Something For Me

Let me tell you the goal here, I'd like an attractive pin cushion for the living room. At the moment I use an Altoids box, it keeps small items from getting lost or molested by cats. But every time I go for a needle it takes time digging it out. I'd like to make a pin cushion that protects my needles and keeps them out of site.

Here I have a sturdy cardboard tube I've cut at 4 1/2". I cut that in half long ways into 2 pieces. I lined the inside of the 2 pieces of cardboard with 1 piece of brown felt, lining both halves to form a hinge on one side. This part of the project will hide my needles.

I've then wrapped my lined tube with poly batting. I'm hoping this allows me to needle felt on top of this form. I also plan on cutting the tube along it's open part later during the felting process. Next to that is a round flatted form I've made with fiberfill. I took some thread around it to keep it's shape. Can you guess what I'm making yet?

Time to needle felt.

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  1. Florida MomApril 25, 2011

    Whatever it will be beautiful and clever just like you.