Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robin Day 3

Time to make legs. I thought about wire legs but today, soft legs were what I wanted. She sits in her nest on her eggs, that's all she needs. I wanted a certain color or color blend and I was happy to find out that you can indeed mix roving to obtain different colors. The colors on the left were blended to make the color on the right.

There are lots of ways to do this and you learn as you go. This was how I started out.

It's not easy needle felting little tubes.

But I got the first leg done.

This time I twisted the wool and held it in place with a pin. Then I needle felted and this worked great.

In the end I made 3 legs just to get a better match. Here's 2 done and ready to go.

I did a lot of research on robins. I tried to get the placement just right. I held the legs in place with pins and covered them with more white.

3 robins egg blue eggs to come!

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  1. Nice to see the progress! Makes me feel like maybe I could manage this!