Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love Robins

I discovered a blog by a woman who is an incredible needle felter. Not because she does fine realistic work but because she makes really cool larger pieces. I was surprised to learn that you can use poly-fil as a core for larger projects. She used thread to hold the poly-fil in the shape she wanted, as I have done above.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you what I'm making. I'm making an American Robin, I love robins!

First I did her breast, then the white underneath and then the brown on top.

Sometimes you can look at an object to see which color seems to be on top. This helps you to choose color order.

This is what I finished yesterday.

This is what I started this morning.

I felted the wings and then felted them to the body.

Another thing I learned on this blog was that you can sew on your extra pieces and cover them with more wool. I didn't need to do it in this project.

I'm still working on a few things but I wanted to show you the robin today.

I'd like to make some eggs and she needs some legs.

Here's the blog I spoke of:


  1. She is just beautiful. I love robins.

  2. Seriously, Now I'm going to have to get my fiber out and see what colors I have!