Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Roving Footbags

My new roving came today. I made a trade for it with an Etsy seller. I'd tell you who she is except she doesn't own her goat any longer. Boy is this stuff gorgeous, we have lots of needle felting plans!

Ok, do you remember the footbag I made for Gilbert? Well we shortened our pattern a bit and came up with the perfect bag. The one on the left is a sand filled footbag Gil got at a store.

We were going to buy play sand for it but I saw this decor sand at Michaels the other day. I even thought it might work better. It does, Gil actually said it "stalls" better than the store bought bag, hacky sack talk. There is a whole footbag community world wide and you can learn more about it at this site:

I don't know how this will print up but here's our new pattern. You will need 8 panels to make the footbag and I sewed a 1/4" seam.

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  1. Ah, another name for hacky sack! When I was a little girl, we just tied some flower stalks together with a rubber band and that became a very scented footbag!