Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ask the Experts

Ok, after soaking in cold water, after another round of vinegar, I'm ready to squeegee and hang again.

So far so good...

...maybe...maybe rinse some more?

I think I could rinse until the cows came home.

I went back online and got some bad news, vinegar and salt don't work. Only using the right dyes in the first place and maybe using a setting product that you can only find online. Please! So I went to my favorite yarn site, Lions Brand and asked them the question. I told them I had bought their competitors black cotton yarn and could they insure their own black cotton wouldn't bleed?

Here's their response:

Hi, Our yarns are tested for color fastness. However, 
due to chemical composition differences in municipal 
water supplies, this may vary. It's always best to 
check this first on a swatch. Adding salt and/or vinegar 
to the rinse often helps. With Warm Regards, Customer SupportLion Brand Yarn Company

Well, after dealing with vinegar already my only choice here is to try their black cotton and test how color fast they really are!!! Anyway, thanks Lions Brand.

I know I had a bigger problem with the bleeding because it involved a lighter color neighbor. My craft partner assures me she'd give this pug a good home without over handling, most generous.

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  1. Arughhhh!!!! I hate it when that happens! I steer clear of red, I've never had a problem with black! EEck.