Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't Tell The Kids!

Remember these?
Cut black construction paper strips, 3/8" wide. White copy paper a tiny bit smaller.
Mark both at 1/4", the black twice.
Fold the black once and cut at the second 1/4". Accordion the white 3 times and cut.
Stick glue the white pages into the black jacket.
With a colored pencil that writes on black, title the book. Yes, very small.
Here's the title I need for this project.
This blog was titled Don't Tell the Kids because I always keep my Vacation Bible School craft projects a secret. This is difficult sometimes, they are very curious! The vials are filled with reminders for the kids, the Bible is their hope, a tiny heart button for love and a mustard seed for faith. We all need reminders for stuff! What could you fill a vial with?

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