Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Great Day

I spent the day with the greatest kid. I've know her most of her life but never really spent the whole day with her. She's crafty, spunky and fun to be around!

We started the day by going to Tyler Arboretum to see their butterfly house. I told her if we were going to create things today we needed inspiration. We got it, butterflies galore. These are just phone pictures.

When we got back we went to work. I wanted to make something that she could take home and enjoy. I did that fine but she helped me out as well. The bracelets you see here are what we worked on. We talked about what young people like and how much they'd be willing to spent for things. The wisdom of a child! She basically had me figuring out how much the whole thing cost per item. Her calculations were right before I ever finished mine. Kids know what they'll pay and what they like.

Afterwards I was able to quickly teach her how to do granny squares and we teased each other all afternoon.

A piece of advice, borrow some fun every once and a while. Does a body good.

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