Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rant - Scarf - Rant

It took every ounce  of patience I have to get these pictures loaded. Between Blogspot's revisions and my spotty internet I'm amazed I could post today at all! But as you can see I've at least finished 1 ethereal scarf. Craft stores don't seem to be selling as much eyelash yarn as they once did so no purple. I'll try the other craft stores though, the one I went to was closest. I have 3 of the major ones in the area.
Skittles is my lovely assistant today. I think she likes the brown fuzzy stuff!
My human daughter on the other hand said it looked like a caterpillar.
This is a fun scarf to make.
OK, now a mini rant, I believe Blogspot has forced this new and improved system down my throat. I say this because it was an option in the past advertised as new and improved which I rejected due to the fact that it was hard to work with. I guess I'm stuck with it now. Overall the biggest problem is getting it to type. I had better check out their help, hadn't I!


  1. Yes!
    Your doughter is right!
    We just returned from France and we found a big caterpillar in our bedroom there and it reminds me of that (The scarf)
    But Yours is sweeter!! ;)

  2. really looks like a prickly cactus to me. very, very nice!! thanks for sharing.
    jd in st louis