Monday, July 26, 2010

On An Ethereal Roll

I think I'm able to give you some rough instructions for making this type of scarf now. This is worsted weight cotton yarn and I used a size N hook. Yes that is a biggie but for me to loosen up my work, which these scarves require, I had to go big. You may be able to crochet loosely, in that case use a smaller hook.

Make a chain the length you'd like your scarf. I could give you a number off the top of my head but with this scarf I didn't count. The last one I did I counted 160 stitches but I didn't work it as loosely as I would have liked.

After making a chain, crochet a row of single crochet, 1 sc into 1 side of 1 stitch, around the entire thing. When you start the other side, crochet into other side of the same stitches. You are going right around in a circle. This is where those loose stitches help.

Next row, around once in double crochet, 1 dc into 1 stitch. 

Next row, dc 2 times into each stitch.

Next row, dc 2 times into each stitch. To finish, as you are passing the end, make 3 single crochet, draw loop through next stitch cut the end of yarn leaving 4", pull end through the loop to finish.

Sounds easy right! It is, just takes a while when you're adding stitches. You're not necessarily finished yet! I'm going to the craft store, don't tell my husband, to pick up some eyelash yarn or something else that's fuzzy in a matching color, to crochet around the edge. You'll need 2 skeins.

Hopefully I'll show you 2 finished ethereal scarves tomorrow.

I find this kind of crocheting so relaxing.

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