Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I have some pinto beans soaking. I'll drain them later and set them to sprout. Boy am I loving having packs of safe cooked beans in my freezer!

I also took my #13 knitting needles and loaded them with 130 stitches in the same cotton and started a bigger better scarf. It's so simple, cast on first row, knit 2 more rows in heavier weight, 2 rows of light weight, 2 rows heavy, 2 rows light, 3 rows heavy and cast off. If you use heavier weight yarns use bigger needles.

I've also set up my little table for jewelry making. I've been loading head pins with little flowers, beads and stones. Now I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to attach them to a chain and tie them off. We shall see. I'm hoping I don't regret the small size of my new tools. I'll have some Dr. Who season 4 playing in the background just in case it gets frustrating.

In contrast to other beauty trees out there here is my beauty carpet.

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