Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Badgers Make Me Think Of My Mom

What would ya call it, indoor outdoor carpet. I got a large piece of it for some kids project and it makes a great outdoorsy looking base.

It's cut into 2 1/2" x 3" rectangles for when I need it.

This is a project I started last year and never finished. I made a great head and stopped there. I knew I'd have to finish this one though because my mom feeds badgers in her yard in England and they are so darned cute!

It's the same process as with the chicks except you have color combinations you need to make. You have a bigger pom pom for the body and a smaller one for the head. I wrapped the white first, next the gray and lastly the black. I tied them all up together. Before trimming the pom pom you need to consider which way your colors go.

With these guys their legs go at the bottom and they'll need arms set under the head. This one I used little flat pearl buttons for the eyes. I painted a black center on each. His nose is a round glass button I set into his face backwards because I thought it looked like his nostrils. I used felt for his ears

This smaller one I used white round headed pins for his eyes. I cut the pins shorter and painted the centers black. His nose had been made last year when I was experimenting with polymer clay. I used a small, round, metal headed pin and molded a piece of black polymer into a triangle shape on the pin head. You can use a metal flat topped pin also. I used the small rounded end of another pin to form the nostrils. Guess what, a black round headed pin would have worked for the nose just as well!

Lastly is their tail ends which are pipe cleaners with a white yarn stripe in the middle.

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