Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finishing & Accessories

Oh no, what is that bear about to get into. That make-up is not there for him to play with. It's there for a little finishing. No, it's not what the professionals use but I've found it to work well enough for my purposes. I like that little touch of brown inside his ear. Yes, one day I will invest in a brown fabric marker.


Some things you may also want to be aware of, heirloom bears may also have some face shaping or sculpting. This is done by taking a long needle with strong thread through strategic parts on the face, like between the eyes. They might squeeze the eyes together or make a pucker here or there. This isn't something I've played with yet because my bears normally look cute without it. There may also be some hair trimming or plucking done. I will trim around a bears eyes, nose or paws if it will improve the look. Some bears will have their entire nose plucked with tweezers or forceps.


If you knit here's a simple way to make your bear a scarf. I find this way takes less time. How much math do we want to discuss right now? Here I'm using #8 knitting needles, a worsted weight yarn and I've cast on 80 stitches. Use any yarn you'd like except maybe a super bulky. Use the chart they give you for your gauge and calculate for the length you'd like. This method knits the length of you scarf instead of the width.

I've completed a few rows, don't make it too wide since his neck is skinny.

Now cast off. That took no time at all.

Some fringe at the end looks great.

I've got something for you tomorrow if you don't knit!

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