Thursday, January 28, 2010

What If He's a She

If he were a she, which I warned you may happen, then it might be nice to make her a dress. That's when I'd go through the fabric I have laying around to see if I had anything appropriate. I did by the way.

I'll tell you the process I used but will supply you with a pattern at the end. This bear is about 13" tall. I've laid her on my fabric, it's folded in half on her side here. I figured 1" above her shoulder and 1" longer than I'd like the dress to be.

Here that's 8" and I happen to have 20" available for the width.

The width I cut in half, each panel being 8" x 10". That pattern has directions for pressing and sewing.

I've sewn and pressed the side seams and now I'm sewing across the the tops.

I'm sewing the hem, nothing fancy.

We're almost done!

I had some ribbon around that looked great. Using a safety pin I'm taking it through the 2 top pieces. It's connected at one side and open at the other.

The top will be gathered.

Put it over your bears head with her arm going through the one side. All you have to do is tie it at her shoulder. Do you think she was a girl all along?

When you click on this pattern it should come up in full size. At least your printer should read it that way when you adjust it. The pattern itself is 8" x 10". When you download it to your desktop and go to print it, print it in landscape and scale. It will fill the page and hopefully print at the full size.

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  1. Hey, make me a dress out of that fabric! I'm a girl! It's very groovy.

    I saw the scrap of swirly red cloth today, I like it, should I make the rabbits out that instead of the green fuzzy stuff?