Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Felt Nose

There are two ways that I put noses on bears. Actually I'd say I did the one and then graduated to the other. My noses always go on crooked though, it doesn't matter how I do them. I tell myself it adds character. What I found to be easier and didn't have to practice at a lot was cutting a nose shape out of the felt that I used for the foot pad. For me this was easy. If you embroider then wait until tomorrow and I'll show you my embroidered nose. Both noses are very cute!

Here's my nose shape for this demonstration. A simple rounded triangle shape is also good.

After lots of trial and error I've learned to leave my end thread out, you'll see it there until the end. I'll show you why later. Go behind the felt to start your first stitch.

Stitch around, big or small stitches, close or far stitches. The only thing I'd say is be consistent once you choose a style. I suppose if you wanted the stitches more invisible you could use same color thread and add the mouth later with embroidery floss. Oh, sorry that's what I'm using here.

Once you get back to the place you started and you are making your last stitch, send your needle down to the place you'd like your mouth to end.

Next stitch lift the felt a tiny bit to hide the end of the top line of your mouth. Come out where you'd like the side of your mouth to end. Up for a smile, down for a frown and straight across for that cute blank look.

I always get this part wrong. I come up on the other side either too short or too long. The fabric does not make this easy. I do try to get both sides the same length even if my nose is crooked!

To finish your mouth stitch through the middle, then take it up and under the felt where you left that end thread. I told you we get back to that.

Make a double knot that should tuck under the felt. You remember what happens next, you take those two end threads, thread them through a long needle. Right at the knot, under the felt take those threads, one at a time, through the head. Hold the thread with tension and cut close to the fabric.

What a a simple nose!

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