Friday, May 17, 2013

Spectator Sport

As promised, these are the felted mushrooms. I save myself a lot of wool by using acrylic yarn in the center of both the caps and stems. Though Rosalie mostly likes to watch, she has put color wool on a few mushrooms.
For the stems I wrap the yarn around a skewer, wrap wool around that, poke a few times with the felting needle on either side of the skewer and pull it off. This is when you can felt it securely and get the long shape. You can use this technique for arms and legs too!
These mushrooms are for Rosalie's wedding reception centerpieces.
For the caps I either make a ball of yarn and cover almost entirely, like the little one on the right or I make a larger ball and cut it in half with a sharp knife. This gives me 2 mushroom caps, like above.
I need 48 and right now I only have 6 more to go, yaaaay!

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