Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pulling Toes Is Not Easy

Normally I first show you how I've copied one of Joanne's techniques but today I'm sending you to her blog first!

Above is one of my hand paws after "pulling". You may notice that it's not as well done as Joanne's. This technique is going to take some practice on my part and I'm also going to take advantage of some time spent working with her in May.
I'll show you how I'm preparing to do that, I'm working on the foot pads.
With thin leather and strong thread I've placed a knot behind the leather.
I've stitched the toe part leaving an opening.
Stuff & stitch.
Do the same with the bottom half.
I'll be very happy when Joanne shows me in person how to pull toes!
And in the mean time try to live with my beginners attempt.

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