Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

Yesterday I mentioned there was more to come involving bears, bear artists and bear conventions. I also told you that Joanne Livingston and I exchanged comments on our blogs from time to time. She was working on something particularly interesting one day so I just happened to comment that I was going to need to plan a trip to her house to watch her work. She got right back to me... she would be in Philadelphia for the May doll and bear convention and she'd be glad to work with me on any part I needed. Wow!!!

Below you'll find Joanne getting ready for her part of the convention:

Now I was going to need to get ready. I'd need to study what Joanne had already done so I went here first:

That's why I've been working on these proto-types. My Minty Timmy bear may not look realistic but it's his shape I'm concerned about.
I also have my mohair fur picked out and cut out.
This is the bear look I'm going for.

I have pages of notes from Joanne and I'll be sharing the process with you as I go. We'll see what happens. Thank you Joanne!

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  1. You are very welcome Karen. I look forward to seeing you and your bear in May. He is looking great.