Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bear Materials List

I'm still on track for making a realistic bear with Joanne Livingston's guidance. Many of these items I've never used before and I'm excited to learn how!!! I'll show you what we're doing with them as we go along and I'm sure there will be other things to add later.

Let's see if I remembered everything starting at the top left: pattern, marking pen or chalk, material(mohair), scissors, pins&needles, thread and fabric check. At the top right is a bag of wool I'll use for stuffing.

At the bottom left: hardboard disks, lockline, screw driver and nut or lock nut drivers. I use either #6 or #8 nuts and screws, wire cutters and pliers, wire gauge 16(here I have copper I'll see if it works), electrical tape. Oh and I forgot sheet felt for wrapping the lockline.

At the bottom right: clay epoxy for the nails and inserting wire in the eyes, taxidermy eyes, pig skin for paw pads.

This picture is for Joanne to look at so she can advise me on the right size disks!

Below is Joanne's material list:

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  1. Ouhhh, looks like bear maker's paradise at your house.
    I will email you about the disks.