Thursday, January 24, 2013

Strawberries Said with an English Accent

Hopefully you've noticed that I'm trying to wrap these balls as close to the shapes of the fruits as possible.
Let me show you how I've added A LOT of dots to my strawberry in this yellow color. Here I am dampening my fingers with a wet paper towel.
Next I'm pinching off a very small amount of yellow fiber.
The damp fingers enable me to roll this fiber in a tiny ball.
Use a small felting needle and place your dot ball on your needle.
Poke it in. You can use your finger nail to hold the ball down for the first couple "gentle" pokes!
Leaving an indent here is perfect!
Don't ask me how many of these yellow dots I poked!


  1. FLORIDA MOMJanuary 24, 2013

    You know how much I love my cherries....but, the strawberries are magnificent!

    1. You'll need a strawberry then!