Monday, September 3, 2012


Daniel and I miss our son very much but we're keeping his fire burning here until he returns.
The greenhouse was his homeschool project but it's so important now as our fall/winter garden!
In the basement we're continuing his work, Daniel with skateboards and me with slingshots. We work side by side on the bench Daniel just resurfaced for me.
Daniel and Gilbert had some trouble with the skateboard deck glue up but Daniel has that nailed now. Links to their previous deck making below:

They needed padding on either side of the veneers when it was in the mold. $5 yoga mats from the Five and Below did a great job. Above is a template Daniel made from an old treadmill belt. I found him the template dimensions online at: BoardPusher
Here's my jack pot, our neighbor across the street had some bushes and trees cut down. I visited over there with my garden loppers!
Daniel's ready to cut boards out, he has three waiting. I'll show you his progress later.


  1. FANTASTIC! The family that strives together survives together.

  2. What a cool post. You have been teaching your son to work with his hands, and it seems he has also been teaching you.