Saturday, September 22, 2012

Purple Bear For Baby

Here's Purple Bear, as safe as I can think to make it.
I started by sewing the head to the body instead of putting in a joint. I sewed in a good 1/2 inch from the head edge with a ladder stitch.
Next I sewed bears arms and legs on with yarn and a long needle.
Here's the procedure:

1" from top of arm on the inside poke needle and yarn through to outside.
1/8" over go back through to inside of arm
1" or so from head at shoulder go through to other shoulder
1" down on inside of next arm go through to outside of arm
1/8" over go back through to inside of arm
1/8" from last point, at that shoulder, go back through to other shoulder 1/8" over from last point

This completes a rotation. Tighten this to almost where you want it and do it all again. Twice is good, you'll notice we end under the arm. Tighten where you want it, pull out on arms to make sure there's no slack yarn and knot 3 times. Don't cut it yet!!!
I took this yarn invisibly to the inside of the bear and knotted the 2 pieces together so they can't be pulled out. Do this same procedure for the legs positioning the legs so that bear can sit nicely on his bum. I recommend you keep the back open until the end, it's a great place to hide and secure stuff.
I stink at embroidery so I needle felted the features. I used my fine grade wool so it was extra clean for baby!

Now a sweet grandmom needs to make bear some clothes!
If you don't mind scrolling through lots of pages I have a "complete" tutorial here: Teddy Bear Making on making your own bear with local materials.


  1. I love it! Lucky baby. Not only is it cute, but special, too. Made with so much love :)

    1. Thanks Lea, I'm workin on a fuchsia one right now.