Monday, August 6, 2012

Messy Mushroom Monstrosity

When you're in the thick of a project things can start getting messy.
What's the point of putting stuff away if you're just gonna use it again.
It's always well worth it though.
I've been having a blast making these mushrooms for Swarthmore's Outdoor Craft Store coming up September 15th.
Blushing Waxycap
I've put the names of all the mushrooms on the bottom and they're approximately 4" tall. They stand on a piece of untreated branch.
Indigo Milkcap
Saffron Milkcap


  1. I love these!! You are so full of imagination. Your mind must always be thinking of what new thing to try next, lucky lady.

  2. Thanks so much Joanne, do you have a favorite?