Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little and Big Slingshots

I told Gil my idea to start making little slingshots for littler people or for better hiding and toting. Of course in our area, a slingshot isn't a toy anymore it's called a concealed weapon, sheesh!

I only recommend using garbanzo beans for your target practice since they are non polluting and certainly not lethal like a rock!
Well, Gilbert doesn't disappoint when it comes to slingshots, he is my expert. Of course now I owe him money. I want to come up with a bean pouch that also holds your slingshot. That's my next job. I'm still working on the sweater. I had to rework the whole top part because I had too many stitches in the shoulders. I snipped the yarn at either end, put the bottom on the needles and pulled out the top. A lot of doing but I'm back on track working from the bottom up!

This is the big I was talking about before I got side tracked. It's Gil's monster slayer. Very impressive!

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