Monday, December 12, 2011

What Do I Get Him?

Who doesn't have at least one person they don't know what to get for Christmas?
Needle felting helps with that!
The possibilities are endless!
These are for a loved one who does Atkins from time to time, broccoli,  steak and cheese singles.
Gil's working on an axe handle using his new draw knife he got for his birthday. He keeps breaking handles while chopping wood.


  1. Love the Atkins friendly food. Just the kind of food we need around here. My daughter is trying to watch her weight. This stuff in the fridge just might work for her.

    What a great plan for Gil, buy him a knife to help him with the axe so he will chop wood. Hmm...I need to figure out now what to get for my daughter to make her think she is not doing chores too.

  2. It would be a great idea but Gil chops wood for pleasure. He and a friend enjoy an outdoor fire pit. I've never figured out how to get the kids to do chores unaware.

    The Atkins thing does work but it's a short term solution.

  3. This is too funny!!! Love the meat and cheese, super cute, and of course I would eat the broccoli, you are so good with needle felting!