Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hats are Addictive

This past week I gave in and opened a Facebook account. I promised myself I wouldn't but it was the only way to communicate with a person that had a Facebook account. It's made my sister happy anyway and I get to see all the embarrassing pictures she puts up! Anyway people tell me how addictive it is...

 but I'd say making earflap hats is more addictive and satisfying!!!

Unfortunately that means my design group (Gilbert) is designing himself a hat, old style which is harder, for me to knit. Doesn't he have enough by now! See my older post on this topic:



  1. I love this hat, and I love Gilberts. I can see why he and his friends like them so much. My daughter is the same way with hats. Thankfully this year she learned to crochet, stole my hat book and started making her own.

  2. It's so awesome when they want to learn to do these things for themselves!!! Gil did learn to knit at one point but I can't see him completing a hat.