Thursday, September 22, 2011

Amy's Santa Music Box

This year I wanted to replace an old family music box that my sister had taken with her and loved.

One year she had a water problem and it was damaged, it couldn't be saved.

She searched around on the internet for such a music box but couldn't find one.

I knew it was my job as the big sister to make her a new one.

First I found the music box and worked out a way to conceal it.

Then it was Santa, my grandmom loved making dish detergent bottle Santa dolls for her family. I utilized a suit that she had made from one of her dolls.

 I put it on a simple body...
and needle felted a face. What's cool is, he looks like our dad to me. As you can see, Santa can stand alone or sit on his music box and he has a lot of love and memories already inside him. By the way, he plays Santa Clause is coming to Town!

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