Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Favorite Mammal

I've always loved anteaters. We have them at the Philadelphia Zoo. Except the last time I was there they were inside.

I'm making this guy big. Not sure how big he will be yet.

I must be an idiot, do you know how much needle poking this is gonna be?

Yes, I'm needle felting him.

I'm adding a few things I have learned:

#1 You can felt into poly fiber fill but not all fiber fills will allow felting.
#2 You can felt into felt, plush felt, mohair materials. Just experiment with your material and see what happens.
#3 You can roll up material to use as a form in order to felt on top, such as to make a leg or arm.
#4 You'll want to know that you have enough wool to finish a project. I've had to contact my wool supplier just in case.

I'll give her a shout out because she's so good to me:

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