Monday, May 2, 2011

Trade And Stay Weekend

Etsy has a club called the Trade-A-Holics. I found them one day when I asked in a forum about whether you could trade with other shops within Etsy. Well, Trade-A-Holics has these events to boost sales and moral. This one was called a Trade & Stay. They have a list you trade into and you can trade with shops all weekend and it involves posting messages to the group.

It started Friday, I watched it bit.

By Saturday I saw some shops that I'd love to trade with. I made a couple inquiries but didn't get involved with the posting. They either didn't answer my inquiries or said no.

Well that wouldn't do because now I'm annoyed. So Sunday I started posting. That worked, all the pictures above have nice new homes and below I acquired for myself a couple interesting items.

Eggs: Original Colored Pencil Artwork
Size: 8x10 by

cotton patchwork sweater by

I won't be so shy next time, but I must limit myself to 1 day instead of a lost weekend!!!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the reminder, I love to trade, I've probably gotten my coolest things that way.