Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stitch Markers

I have been needing larger stitch markers for a while. When you knit hats there is always counting to be done and I love using thick yarn. I was going to buy some but why not make my own!

This is what I got out to make them:

wire nippers
crimpers or flat nosed pliers
tube crimps
thick coated wire
crazy type glue

Whatever you do, don't cut your wire into sections thinking this will make things easier, it won't! Keep the wire uncut until it's crimped. It becomes unyielding if cut early.

First the crimp, then the bead.

Make the circle size you need. You can measure somewhat, but I eyeballed it.

These are the crimping pliers, make sure the crimp is where the cut end is.

You only have to nip one end.

These are the flat nosed pliers.

They do just as good a job.

Nine markers ready to be glued.

I put my glue in the bead.

I put my crimp inside the bead.

I let them dry.

I needed to re-glue a couple but these are ready to go. Finally, markers for my bigger needles!

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  1. OOOO very nice! they look like they would be smooth and not catch on yarn! I like these!