Friday, February 25, 2011

Old VCR's And Handbags

First things first, the Mod Podge sealed the Scrabble charms perfectly, no nipples!!! The pieces weren't fully dried so I was able to gently scrape the Paper Glaze off each piece. I only lost one transfer. All are drying just fine now.

Gil asked my husband if he could take apart the broken VCR. He wanted to find the laser, no problem. I said, let me have a look see when you're done.

Did you ever imagine that an old VCR component could become a handbag component???

As soon as I saw it I know what I was doing with it. The tricky part was attaching it. What do you think? I'm not finished yet, I'm working on a flap top.

There's still more fun stuff in here.

Oops!!! Gilbert gently let me know that this was a DVD player not a VCR.

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