Monday, January 10, 2011

Hats Hats Hats

Gosh, I guess I've been making these hats for Gil a couple years now.

He absolutely loves them and so do his friends. Which is not so good for me.

I think I'm up to a dozen hats for him and friends.

Each one has it's own personality he says, not just different colors but how they feel and wear.

This is his latest. I started to make one for another purpose and he declared his love of the color I was using and then it was his. He is my designer, choosing the colors that go together.

He doesn't want to be posted but didn't mind modeling slyly.

I often consult with Gil on my work, he's a good critic.

I'm hoping this one is too girlie for him!!!

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  1. You have enough ideas for a book! You are going to town! go, go, go!