Monday, November 1, 2010

Cool Commission

Please meet Mr. Bunny, he's my newest project. I don't have his physical presence but he's always on my desktop waiting for me. I have been commissioned to make Mr. Bunny a new set of clothes. His owner wanted a change, something elegant but comfortable. I'm thinking something like Liberachi meets Mr. Rodgers! I happen to love Mr. Rodgers by the way.

So, with his owners blessing, I went to the fabric store and rooted around. These are the things I came up with. Mr. Bunny will be needing a fancy pair of pants and bow tie, thus the brocade. He'll need a nice neutral collared shirt, the light gray cotton and blue buttons. And a comfy cardigan, Vanna's Denim Mist and Beatrix Potter buttons.

I got started on his pants because I felt that the brocade would be a challenge, it was! Oh, meet Mr. Dummy Bunny, he helps me out with fittings.

Here's where I am on the shirt. I'm a little concerned about the length of the arms. Oh, by the way it took me 2 tries at the pants and shirt, second times the charm!

Even the sweater I wound up needing to pull out today and start over. I'm pecking away and learning a lot. Remember, I give instructions for an simple bear sweater under my bear clothes category. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks Lorraine!

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