Friday, October 29, 2010

Chapstick Holder Tutorial

This is what you'll need: US F/3.75 hook and #3/light weight yarn.
The start loop is the loop that you will crochet around to make a circle. Normally you would create a circle with a connected chain but this can leave a middle hole that's too big.
Chain 2
Single crochet into that first loop. All stitches in this project are single crochet.
First stitch.
Do 6 more for a total of 7.
The second row will be 2 stitches into every one stitch.
For a total of 14 stitches.
Next and each consecutive row will be 1 stitch into 1 stitch.
This makes it go up.
We're getting there.
It looks good, now we're ready for the chain.
You would stop here if making an embellishment. Make a loop and secure on the inside.
Continue for a necklace. You want the chain long enough to go over your head but not so long that it hangs too low on your front!
When your chain is long enough find the opposite side stitch and insert your hook through, inside out.
I make sure my chain is untwisted from the beginning before I pull the loop through.
Once my loop is pulled through, I cut my yarn leaving at least a 5 inch tail. Thread this through the loop.
Pull tight, like so.
Use a needle to knot on the inside.
All done!

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