Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pros And Cons

Yes, this project had it's good parts and bad parts.

1. It looks good, kinda Halloweeny.
2. Look, the knots don't show at all.
3. The macrame knots are so small you can't see mistakes.

1. The macrame knots are so small you can't tell if you're making mistakes. ( I can't stand mistakes!)
2. The clasp should be dark but silver was the only color it came in.
3. The clasp is impossible to screw on by yourself.

Yes, I'll keep experimenting with this.


  1. The bracelet is very pretty. Would a magnetic clasp work?

  2. Is that clasp silver plated? Could you oxidize it? Did I leave you that hydrochloric acid or did I take it home with me?

  3. Ultimately I think I'll move on to different clasps. During the day it came unscrewed and dropped off. I would definitely use a magnet clasp I just need to work on tying knots that I trust and don't look messy.

    The clasp is not silver plated and I sent the hydrochloric acid home with you. It was in the box.